JOHN ZACCHEO FINE ART GALLERY is the largest Fine Art Gallery in Vermont. It was established by the Artist on January 2009.The gallery is presently hosting the emerging and the internationally recognized artists. The collection is comprised of American and European oil panitings, watercolors, pastels, sculptures, photography, limited editions, handmade jewelry and hand blown glass.

John’s exceptional talent seeks a diverse range of expression, whether painting in a realist, impressionist or abstract style, John is a master at using both a brush and a palette knife. Much admired for his technical merit, John’s paintings are alive with color and luxurious detail. John finds inspiration for his work from his extensive travels ( he has meandered through 60 countries) and his affinity for the natural world.

John is also a renowned fine portraiture artist. His paintings reside in the libraries and museums of the following subjects: President Kennedy, President Carter, President Reagan, President Sadat of Egypt and Prime Minister Began of Israel. John also created the official painting of the original landing on the moon which was presented to astronaut, Neil Armstrong. John has also painted portraits for Gregory Peck, Anthony Quinn and Tony Bennett.

The gallery provides a WIDE SELECTION OF STYLES FROM MODERN, CONTEMPORARY TO SUPER REALISM. John Zaccheo and other artist provides Art Lessons, Oil Painting Restoration and Lectures.Come and visit the gallery for an artistic experience, meet new artist every month and share your experience.